Stafford, VA #983 Chapter Directors

Nora Hartquist, CFF®

Chapter President

Nora Hartquist is a former elementary school teacher, which allows her to simplify estate and retirement planning for her clients who often praise her ability to explain complex concepts in easy to understand language.  A Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC), with over 20 years experience working with Federal employees and retireees, Federal Agencies often request Ms. Hartquist's retirement classes for their employees.  As a Master Elite IRA Advisor with the Ed Slott group, she ia able to provide the most up to date information on the rules and regulations for your IRA's, TSP, 403(b) and other retirement accounts, providing tax advantaged solutions and RMD advice.  A Certified Estate Planning Professional, Ms. Hartquist coordinates your estate plannning documents with lawyers to provide for incapacitation, probate avoidance, as well as fast and tax efficient settlement of your estate.  Ms.Hartquist's main emphasis of retirement planning ensures that your retirement income is guaranteed for life, and your surviving spouse will have enough income should you predecease her/him through the unique use of the firm's LI-LAC (Life Income - Living Asset Cycle) and Contingency Plan.