Tacoma, WA #4608 Chapter Directors

Eli Mizrahi

Chapter President

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help people retire with dignity as a Financial Advisos and had the privileged of working with and assisting retirees and people who aspire to retire since 1983. My experience in evaluating the benefits Congress provided in the "The Tax Relief Act" and helping folks take the steps that are necessary in order to reduce future taxes right now. This is something their Brokers never discuss. I enjoy reviewing out of the box solutions to retirement and income planning, investment and estate Planning options, wealth preservation and estate enhancement, executive benefits, family legacy and long term care planning options has allowed me to be of service to many families.  My own parents experienced the high cost of care during retirement and it ultimately led to my mom, after spending the little savings they had on my Dad's care, ending up in a "financial jail". I have empathy for the families I deal with and have the motivation to find and create the best possible plans so that none of "my families"  endures what my parents went through if I can help it.            

I was born, raised in Israel, grew up in the Scout movement and served with my friends in a unique branch of the Israeli army. My wife Madeleine and I met in Israel after I completed my service in the Israeli Defense Forces and Madeleine completed her second period as a volunteer in a Kibbutz. We married in Bellevue and within a week moved to and lived in Israel for a year prior to making our home in Washington state in 1981. Madeleine and I have two adult children. We support finding cure for Cancer, enjoy traveling, movies, dining, reading and spending time with our family. Family is very important to us. I also enjoy hiking, biking as well as Martial arts. I have earned Black Belts in Karate and Hapkido. I find that the discipline, mental focus and comradely of Martial arts are crucial to me and helpful in assisting families I serve.