Wallingford, CT #4518 Chapter Directors

Steven Smith, CFF®

Chapter President

Steve has over 35 years of extensive experience in the financial industry. His experiences have provided a solid foundation for optimizing planning and investments. Steve committed 11 years ago to focus on individuals who need to make business decisions regarding their personal lives. To that end, he has furthered his education in Retirement Planning and Medicare options, to ensure that individuals meet their objectives just as efficiently as any business might.

In his second decade of customer service, Steve has helped hundreds of individuals find the best possible avenues to meet their financial objectives. Especially, when involving decisions with claiming strategies for Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Planning. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF), Steve always acts in the best interest of his clients without consideration to any Companies, products, services, or purchases. “Success is when the client makes the right decision for them”.

A large focus for Steve has been on educating people on the very difficult and complex strategies for Retirement Planning. He has been actively educating his community through American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA). Thus, Steve is committed to continuously educate his community and those around him. Steve and his wife Lynn have been married over 37 years and live in Wallingford, CT. for majority of time. They have raised three children and are now grandparents!

Financial Advisor
Financial Educator