Chartered Speakers & Free Personal Financial Coaches

AFEA is a National Non-profit organization comprised of a very diverse and growing
membership of licensed professionals. Our members work as attorneys, financial
advisors, realtors, mortgage specialist, insurance and investment specialist,
CPA's, Health & Wellness Specialist, and a variety of
other professions. Our members all share the same goal, which is to help people
understand their finances. Each member must have at least 3 to 5 years of experience
in their profession and must successfully complete a series of training
sessions prior to becoming a certified instructor and Personal Financial Coach. Additionally they
must all sign and agree to fully comply with AFEA\'s Bylaws which strictly
prohibit any selling during workshops. Violations can result in suspension or
termination of their membership.

Free Educational Workshops

AFEA financial education workshops are as entertaining as they are enlightening.

The material covered in each workshop is up to date and relevant to the situations people are facing today.  

The benefits are shared not only by those who attend but by the companies and
organizations that host the workshop as well. Attendees of AFEA workshops leave
with a clearer understanding of their finances and have action steps and tools
to make smart decisions going forward. Host companies and organizations increase
morale and loyalty by providing this service completely free of charge to their
employees and members.

Additional benefits of AFEA workshops include:


  • AFEA workshops are delivered in an easy to understand
         format, with real life examples and experiences from our Chartered
         Speakers who are licensed professionals.  

  • AFEA workshops help attendees reduce stress in the
         workplace which increases production and loyalty.

  • AFEA workshops are not mundane sales presentations or
         get rich quick schemes. We do not offer or endorse any specific products
         or companies.

  • By hosting an AFEA workshop you will be joining us in
         helping to further our mission of eliminating financial illiteracy in communities


Safe Money Learning Center Videos On Demand

Free Training Videos with AFEA On Demand!

Five Minute Videos that Teach You How to Save, Grow and Protect Your Money

With AFEA on Demand our members can continue their financial education whenever its convenient for them.

In keeping with our Non-profit By-laws these training videos are not sales presentations, in fact no specific products or companies are ever mentioned.

Our goal is to provide our members with resources and information they might not know exists, and empower them to take back control of their finances!


Here's a sample video: Maximizing Social Security Income



AFEA Discount Perks & Rewards Program

This program has been discontinued as we are launching Version 4 of our website in the coming months. Check back for more exciting information and savings tips from AFEA.

Also remember Student / General Membership is always free. There you will gain access to multiple tools you can use to help you take control of your finances.

Thanks for your interest in AFEA!

Academic Learning In Universities

AFEA is proud to offer academic classes in local community colleges nationwide. These courses are comprehensive retirement planning courses designed to take the confusion out of understanding your finances. Wouldnt it have been great to have these types of courses available while you were in High School? Here at AFEA we believe it is never to late to learn. Especially when it comes to your finances.

Visit our Upcoming Classes page to register for a class in a University near you!