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President’s Biography

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, I attended both Grand Rapids Community College and Calvin College to receive my education in the educational field.

I married in 1982 and started our family. While my family was young I, along with our four children, enjoyed volunteering in the retirement community through reaching out to those in need. In doing so, I learned of the many issues facing those in retirement. Seeing firsthand the devastation of a family when proper planning is not met, I developed a desire to do more and began my journey in obtaining additional education and developing my financial advising practice. Since then, have been educating and advising others in both a workshop and individual setting. I am a firm believer that knowledge is crucial- getting all the facts in an unbiased setting is essential!

I have a passion for teaching and am excited that as the Chapter president, Instructor and Financial coach for American Financial Education Allliance (AFEA) I have the opportunity to reach more people and empower them to take control of their retirement in a confident manner. Social security is one “complex” piece that is vital to a successful retirement and one area that I enjoy teaching through AFEA. Take advantage of this free informational workshop and I guarantee you will walk away more confident in your decision making abilities for securing a successful, enjoyable retirement.

President’s Message

Greetings to our current and prospective members! Welcome to the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) Grand Rapids, MI chapter website! It is my great honor and pleasure to serve as president and to share information about our great chapter. AFEA is a dynamic and growing non-profit organization which exists to provide a forum where people of all walks of life can gain information, education, and experience about managing and understanding their finances.

Social Security Loophole’s Huge Windfall Opportunity

As a seasoned CPA, I remember the good old days when there were lots of loopholes in the tax law that I could use to minimize clients’ income tax liability. I also value opportunities to help my clients maximize their Social Security benefits.

Like tax loopholes, they’re often not obvious and require intimate knowledge, familiarity, and understanding of intricate rules and regulations.

For instance, you might be surprised to learn that the file-and-suspend strategy isn’t limited to couples.

There are various strategies that can be used to maximize Social Security retirement benefits. One of the most popular, though Read more >

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