George Hammontree

601 West Business Loop 70 Suite 221,Columbia
Tel: 573-441-0063

President’s Biography

George Hammontree, a CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR (CRPC), is the Columbia, MO Chapter President and Personal Financial Coach for the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that provides financial education classes in colleges and universities nationwide.

“Wealth”, as written by Henry David Thoreau, "is the ability to fully experience life".   To that end, I teach families to safely save and invest outside of Wall Street, using strategies the wealthiest families in America and institutional investors have quietly used for over 100 years.  They include options to get up to double digit annual returns; eliminate Market risks, declines and crashes; create 'tax-free' retirement income instead of 'tax-deferred' retirement income; and optimize their legacy to their heirs.

Regardless of the stage of life a person is in, educating themselves in life, retirement and estate knowledge is truly the one task, unlike any other, that if left undone or poorly planned out, will absolutely have a devastating impact on not only that person but your entire family.  

The educational opportunities presented to the consumer through AFEA classes provide consumers extremely valuable financial opportunities.   

President’s Message

Greetings to our Current and Prospective Members! Welcome to the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) Central, MO Chapter website! It is my great honor and pleasure to serve as president and to share information about our great chapter. AFEA is a dynamic and growing non-profit organization which exists to provide a forum where people of all walks of life can gain information, education and experience about managing and understanding their finances.

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