Social Security Changes are Here!

Here is the best easy to understand summary of the new Social Security Rules that have recently passed this past week:

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Posted by Roger Araiza on October 31, 2015    
IRA Tax Tactic: Plan now before year's end!
Those wonderful tax deferred IRA's have a mortgage to the IRS!  What if we want to pay off that mortgage (taxes) as tax effic ... » Read more
Posted by Nora Hartquist on July 23, 2015    
Social Security Claiming
Social Security claiming ( recent case study)     We recently had an attendy at a training class take our adv ... » Read more
Posted by Dwight Lankford on January 26, 2015    
Major IRA Rollover Changes for 2015
Remember jan. first 2015 new rules go into effect concering IRA rollovers.Even though IRS publications have always indicated it is ... » Read more
Posted by Dwight Lankford on December 1, 2014    
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