AFEA Welcomes New Chapter President


Wichita Falls, TX, September, 2014 - The American Financial Education Alliance, a national advocate for greater financial literacy education in U.S. schools, announced today that its Board of Directors unanimously voted to name Bobby Collins as the new Chapter President of AFEA’s Wichita Falls Chapter.

Bringing 25 years of experience to the Chapter, Bobby realizes that more and more people need solutions to their financial woes and is excited to use AFEA to give back to the community by teaching them how.

AFEA is thrilled to have Bobby join us in our fight to eliminate financial illiteracy and empower American to take control of their finances. As Chapter President, Bobby will be hosting free financial education workshops throughout the Wichita Falls community. The Wichita Falls Chapter will also be fundraising to purchase elements of the Samsung Smart School Solution to upgrade math classrooms in local middle schools.

About the American Financial Education Alliance
AFFEA is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Charlotte, NC and comprised of a diverse and growing group of licensed and trained professionals. Together, they share the same goal of helping people better understand their finances. AFEA’s mission is to eliminate financial illiteracy by empowering Americans to take control of their finances through free educational workshops in communities nationwide.

About the Samsung Smart School Solution
The Samsung Smart School Solution is an integrated 1:1 learning platform that empowers teachers to deliver an interactive learning environment. First deployed in Memphis, TN last year, the pilot project’s success has demonstrated the potential for the digital classroom platform to harness the educational power of Samsung technologies, including the new Galaxy Note 1o.1 tablet and their interactive whiteboard displays.

For more information on the Wichita Falls Chapter, please Donations and sponsorships for the Chapter’s Samsung Smart School Solution project can be made by going

Or by mail to:

American Financial Education Alliance - Wichita Falls Chapter
8510 McAlpine Park Drive #201
Charlotte, NC 28211