The American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) is the fastest growing non-profit financial wellness program in the country! We are a true 501(c)3 charitable organization that believes in EMPOWERMENT through EDUCATION. Our mission is to eliminate financial illiteracy and empower Americans to take control of their finances by providing free educational workshops in local communities nationwide, as part of our non-profit financial wellness program. We combine a unique approach with strategic partnerships to provide communities with the best financial education available from the best Financial Coaches in the industry. You could be an individual seeking personal financial education or a business looking to educate your employees and satisfy your ERISA (DOL) 404( c) requirements. Or perhaps you are a Church or Organization looking to add value to your members. Regardless of where you come from, if its unbiased financial education you seek, the American Financial Education Alliance has a program thats right for you


The American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) believes in EMPOWERMENT through EDUCATION and that is the basis of our mission, to eliminate financial illiteracy and empower Americans to take control of their finances by providing free educational workshops in local communities nationwide, as part of our non-profit financial wellness program.

FINANCIAL WELLNESS PROGRAMS are an increasingly important component of comprehensive wellness programs. The economy, rate of unemployment, credit card debt and other types of financial concerns can have a major impact on a person’s overall heal th and well-being. Here we provide you with a large number of resources to help you promote financial wellness.

Finances are employees' number one cause of stress, which ultimately leads to higher health care costs for your company and negatively impacts employee productivity and morale. For many companies, employee financial wellness is the missing piece to maximizing the effectiveness of existing wellness programs, and fully containing health care costs. Not to mention, fostering a workforce of healthier, happier and more productive employees who are more engaged, empowered and no longer distracted by financial issues.

The results don’t lie. Companies providing financial education show results that include Improvement in workplace productivity, employee morale, and company loyalty while reducing absenteeism, turnover, workplace distractions, and operational risk across the company. Financial education programs have the effect of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the company’s bottom line. The ROI generally has a return of 3:1. It is a little examined side effect of the downturn: The loss of productivity due to anxiety.

President Obama seemed to acknowledge the problem when he signed an executive order in January creating an Advisory Council on Financial Capability -- tasked with helping individuals make informed financial decisions. He also designated April as National Financial Literacy Month.

Employers responding

Five years ago, just 2% of employers offered financial education workshops to employees, according to a Hewitt Associates report that included a survey of companies on the availability of financial security programs. For 2009-10, that figure jumped to 19%, while 8% of employers offered financial counseling to employees (for 2004-05, this category didn't exist in the report). As employees bring their financial concerns to work, employers realize they can't just be focused on retirement investments; they have to deal with other issues, says Kent Allison, head of PricewaterhouseCoopers National Financial Education Practice.

Whether you're looking for a one-on-one personal review or a complete series of financial wellness workshops, AFEA can help!

  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Tax Planning
  • Understanding Medicare & Medicare Advantage
  • Mortgages & Refinancing
  • What Women Should Know - About investing
  • College Planning
  • Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Our workshops can be customized to fit any need or demographic of any business, church or organization.

AFEA is a No Cost way to add a financial wellness program to your company benefits.

Our training is ERISA 404(c) compliant, we do not offer or endorse any financial products or companies.

AFEA members must pass a series of training sessions in order to become Instructors and Personal Financial Coaches who can conduct classes, workshops or personal reviews.

We take great pride in providing you or your organization with FREE, high level, financial wellness education.

Together with YOU, the American Financial Education Alliance can eliminate financial illiteracy.